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Holy Family School Council 2018-19

Holy Family School Council meet regularly to discuss relevant school issues. Each class has council representatives that meet on their behalf.  The School Council Secretary types up the minutes of each meeting. Please see below for the latest minutes.

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Towards the end of the 2017-18 school year, School Council organised a 'Plastic Awareness Day'. Please read Jaukub's report below for details.



School Council May 2018

At the last meeting we talked about lots of things they would like to change and some of the school councillors offered to write letters to Mrs Moreton, School Cook, Miss Linton and the School’s Catering Manager about these.

Keira wrote to Mrs Moreton who has said that we will be getting some more climbing pencils for the playground and that the clubs that children had asked for will be considered for next year. 

We hope that our Plastics Day in July will encourage parents not to use as much plastic for packed lunches and we also want to try to use less in school so Boo wrote to Kim, our School Cook, who said she will not be ordering any more plastic bottles of water once the ones she has have been used up. We asked her if she could use foil instead of cling film to wrap sandwiches and she is doing!  She is also putting water melon on the salad bar too.  Lasagna is going to be on the menu when they are changed next year but unfortunately cheese on burgers is not possible as it is not healthy!

Miss Linton liked Dylan’s letter about other sports such as throwing, football or badminton on Sport’s Day.  Unfortunately it was too late for this year but we will be having some inter-house sports days next year when some of these sports will be included.

Reduce, Re-use and Recycle!





Holy Family School Council meet regularly to discuss relevant school issues. Each class has council representatives that meet on their behalf. 

Harvest Festival Thursday 5th October 2017
As normal we came into assembly Year 6 were quite late but we got there luckily. We came in and Mrs. Moreton introduced us into Year 3's Harvest Festival.  Everyone in school brought canned beans, rice pudding or soup for the people that had no food or that didn't have a home.  We will send the food to St Cuthbert's and they will give the food to all the people that have no food. We said prayers and sang some harvest songs. Personally, my favourite is the harvest samba. Then one pupil explained what Harvest was; it is when all the farmers harvest their crops.  Then we sang another song which was, ‘Don't go pecking in the cornfield’. Then after the assembly, Mrs. Moreton told all the parents that they should collect all the children from the same place as usual. Then all of the year 6 tidied the hall away and then everyone went home.

 School Council Reporter Jakub G Year 6

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Visit to St Cuthbert's Shelter

St. Cuthbert’s church.

Written by Jakub G

Me, Ruby and Zac all went into Mrs Mather’s car and headed off to St Cuthbert’s church. Behind us in their cars were Mrs Unsworth and Mrs Whitmore, carrying all the food that all the pupils of Holy Family School brought in. Once we got there Mrs Mather parked up and we all went to bring the food into the back of the church. I and Ruby went to get the first crate it was full of beans and rice pudding. One lady called Anne told us to take the crate to the tiny room at the back. There we saw the priest who is Polish- what a coincidence because I’m polish! So we had a little chat in Polish! Once all the crates were at the room Mrs Mather took some pictures, then Anne showed me what the people that want food need to do to get the bag of essentials. In the bag there were 5 tins of food, a toothbrush and toothpaste, tea bags, sugar and a £4 voucher. To get the bag of food and some clothes for the winter the person needs to give the ladies there address and details. People that have no homes come to this church to get some clothes and food for the week. Now because winter is coming up the church have provided hats, gloves and socks. Then we all took one last picture. Anne the lady who helped us said, “We are very grateful and so all the homeless will be grateful for all the gifts.” She added, “We are one big team.”   

16th October 2017



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